Weekly markets

Markets in the area are generally from 7am to 1pm.

Clermont- Ferrand has a market every day. (except Sundays) from 7h to 19h30

On Tuesdays, the market is from 7h-13h


* Saint-Gervais d'Áuvergne. Near the big church. Market with regional products



* Auzance. Medium-sized market with everything. 

* Chatel - Guyon

* Montluçon, place de fontbouillant 



* Manzat

* Montluçon, pedestrian area



* Ébreuil

* Lapalisse

* Neris les Bains 



* Pionsat. On the square next to the castle. Small market with many regional products.

* Commentry. Large market with clothes, vegetables, fruit and cheeses.

* Chatel- Guyon 



* Saint Eloy les Mines, with a selection of products.

* Montluçon, a large market in the old town centre. (medieval town)



* Montluçon, pedestrian area.

* Neris les Bains

Brocante, Garage Sale & Flea Market


 France is famous for its bric-a-brac markets. 

What could be more fun than strolling through such a market, looking for the cutest things for a small price.

In the link below, you will find an overview of the various markets in the Puy de Dôme, Allier, Cantal or Haute-Loire. The Creuse is also among the possibilities.

Click on "le prochaines dates" (choose the period) and you can see per month where what is what.

Clicking on the place name will give you more information about the market. (where it is, how many stalls, whether there is an entrance fee etc).

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