Reservation conditions


* These prices are for a stay of one week. The price includes final cleaning. We do expect you

leaves the holiday accommodation tidy, broom clean.


* The rates are exclusive of €1.50 P.p.p.n tourist tax (from 18 years).

Includes bed linen, bath and kitchen towels. These are not for recreational use, or for use by the dogs.

In the Gîte you will find a stack of old towels, which you can use for your dog (s)

Your dog sleeps on the bed? Then we would like to ask you to bring your own bed linen.


* We require a deposit of 50% of the rent within 14 days of booking and the remainder 6 weeks before start of the stay. The booking is final as soon as the down payment has been made.

You can cancel your reservation by e-mail up to 8 weeks before the arrival date. After cancellation you will receive a confirmation within 3 working days and your payment will be refunded minus 10% cancellation costs about the rental amount.

For a cancellation between 8 weeks up to the last 3 weeks before the day of arrival, we will charge 50%.

In case of cancellation in the last 3 weeks before arrival date, you owe the entire rent.

We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.


Other terms:


 * You do not have to pay extra for your dogs.


 * The gite has an enclosed garden (1.70 high). Your dogs are also allowed free access to the terrain in front of the house. (about 1200 m2) This site is fenced off with mesh fences max 1 meter high.

However, you remain responsible for your own dog (s) at all times.


 * The dogs must have had the cocktail vaccination at least 4 weeks before the holiday. A statement of the vet for a titer test is also accepted. In France it is mandatory that the dogs are vaccinated against Rabies. These vaccinations must be registered in the dog passport.

We also recommend treating the dogs against ticks.


 * We expect you to clean up the dog poo on our site. You will receive from us on arrival especially for this destined pouches. On the site you will find waste bins in which you can deposit the bags.


 * Our dogs will remain separate from your dog during your stay, but as we have an intact male we don't trow coaution to the wind, we can't allow female dogs that are or will be in heat on our property. Around the to postpone (possible) heat, please contact your vet. Do this well in advance to eliminate the odor before the males. If your dog has been in heat just before the holiday, it must be at least 4 weeks.


* You can use our swimming pool, however the swimming pool is FORBIDDEN for dogs. On request we will set up a special dog bath for you, so that your dogs can also take a wonderful bath.


* Our guesthouse is non-smoking.


We are in no way liable for damage to your or our belongings. 


*Unfortunately you cannot pay by debit card or credit card with us.

By making the reservation final you indicate that you agree with the condition.